Monday, January 31, 2011

New Gallery and New Art

go round
36" x 36"

I have both news and new art.
I'm now being represented by Wallace Galleries in Calgary. I have been talking to Colette Hubner there and she's wonderfully enthusiastic about my work. Right now they have all my latest paintings there.
Check out the great gallery space and the fantastic artists there: 

Now that I have two galleries in Alberta, a road trip may be in order!

Here are more of the paintings I have just finished. 

building a dream
40" x  40"
This painting is part of my new resolution not to let a painting leave the studio unless I'm perfectly happy with it. Just before the Culture Crawl, I had finished two other paintings in this series, and having one more would give me a perfect arrangement to hang on the wall. But I still felt that the painting was unresolved, so I left it and I couldn't finish it for a month. Finally I decided that an arc of patterned glitter would lighten the areas of gray I felt were too heavy. It worked so beautifully, that I used it on another painting as well.

good hope
36" x  36"
The title "good hope" comes from the geographical nature of this painting, it reminds me of the tip of a land mass, and the Cape of Good Hope came into my mind. But my grade school atlas never looked so beautiful. The palette of colours I used here is softer, but one that I find delicate and calming.  Colours spring out from my creative mind, I'm not sure what the cause is, but they need to be expressed.

fire snake
36" x 36"

The title here is from Chinese astrology, just in time for Chinese New Years.  Hot colours, overlapping textures, and gold (including the return of the glitter arc) made this painting glow with  warmth and energy. I was working on a commission painting in all cool colours at the same time, so perhaps there was a sense of yin and yang in my studio.

The painting at the top, "go round" (yes, I know, sometimes my creativity leaves me during the titling process) is much more intense in person.  There is more of a sense of the depth of the layers, one atop the next, and the floating of the transparent colour. It is a painting structured around the composition, and stronger for its single-minded purpose. It came together quickly and I was extremely happy with the result.

Now all these paintings, and several others, are at Wallace Galleries in Calgary. If you are interested in any of them, please contact Wallace Galleries directly.

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