Thursday, March 8, 2012

new works

"disturbances in time & space",  24" X 48"

This painting is the first diptych I've done, and it actually looks pretty amazing hung vertically as well. A watery effect and lots of movement, plus the strong line of the new stencils I'm using.

"pauper to prince" 48" x 36''
Sometimes people ask how long it takes to complete a painting. Some of them go very quickly, and others  sit around for ages, as I contemplate what's wrong. For this painting, it hung around in my studio for two years until a videographer asked to film my process, and I needed to show him some work in progress. So I pulled out this piece, began working on it, and within a week I had finally completed it. It's very beautiful, since you can see all the layers of painting beneath, at least twenty layers of paintings here, the most ever.

neon city, 48" x 36"
Colour, and lots of it. This is the opposite of "pauper to prince", a painting that came together quickly and looked perfect right away.

pixelated rhythm, 48" x 36"
Complete contrasts of the pixelations of screen images and the loose lines of poured medium give this painting its energy. I am currently obsessed with dots and circles.

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